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Highly experienced business plan consultants

Our standard business plan writer service provides a detailed business plan write-up, pitched at the level of detail typically required by large funders and investors and significant stakeholders. The projections are also sufficiently detailed to enable use as budgets for performance measuring, and more.

We can develop the business model, do the necessary desktop market and competitor research, produce all the financial forecasts, quantify the funding requirement and give you a complete funder or investor-ready professional business plan in a choice of formats.


Standard Business Planning Service Includes

Two face-to-face or Zoom video meetings with your consultant

With this package, you will be able to have two zoom calls or face-to-face meetings with your consultant to discuss your business model and work through exactly what is needed to secure funding.

Detailed desktop market research

Market research is crucial to finding success and excelling within your industry. We have the resources needed to be able to acquire all information needed to show that you are finding a niche in your market, either when starting up or developing your business model.

Detailed competitor landscape desktop research

Knowing that you have strengths over competitors as well as being able to identify any weaknesses, opportunities or threats is invaluable information, to ensure that your business model and growth strategy is viable.

Five-year, detailed financial projection tables and graphs

It is important that you can show that your business will grow post-funding, and that is something we can create in an investor/funding-friendly format. Therefore, you will receive five-year financial projection tables and graphs, with the first two years by month.


Completed business plan e-mailed in word format

All of our business plans are written in professional report writing language and structured in the format expected by investors. We then deliver the finalised business plan straight to your inbox.




One set of amends

We know how precious any business is to its owner, so having the opportunity to provide your amendments to your plan means that you know the tone and feel of your plan is right for you, but also that it is written with an investor/funder in mind, using our expertise.




Free 6 months post-plan business support line

The initial stages of change for a business can be a challenge and you may have concerns or questions, so we will be at hand to help! 

With this level of service, you will have access to a business support line for the six months following your plan completion.


All plans include, where relevent

As a general rule, we ensure that each plan includes the below elements, varying in complexity and detail as you move through the packages we offer and based upon your unique requirements.

  • Executive Summary
  • Mission & Vision
  • Company Summary 
  • Products/Services 
  • Competitor Landscape & Comparison 
  • Market Summary 
  • Strategy & Implementation Summary
  • Commercial Loan quantification 
  • Equity Investor Quantification 
  • Exit Strategy 
  • Company valuation
  • Route to Market & Marketing Strategy 
  • SWOT analysis 
  • Key assumptions 
  • Break-even calcs 
  • Sensitivity calcs 
  • Sales forecasts with 3D colour graphs 
  • Personnel Plan 
  • Projected Profit & Loss with 3D colour graphs
  • Risk Analysis & mitigation 
  • Internal Rate of Return calcs
  • Projected cash flow with 3D colour graphs 
  • Projected balance sheet 
  • Financial Ratios Summary Table 
  • Tax & Vat, dividends & drawings included in projections
  • Phased investment offering with dilution calcs 
  • Management summary 
  • Organigrams 

Why Choose The Standard Business Planning Service?

If you have a larger start-up or existing business, that is planning for strong growth, with a straightforward business model, then this advanced service is ideal to help you to develop your business model to make it the most viable it can be. This will not not only maximise your chances of securing funding, but also give you a plan that you can use as a blueprint for your forward business. To give you peace of mind, we are so confident in our service offering that we guarantee funding will not be rejected on the basis of omissions or errors in the business plan we create.

Unsure of which level of service you need? Don’t hesitate to contact us online to arrange your free 15-minute consultation, or simply call 01604 420 420 for a discussion.


Additional Add-on cbm Services

Customise your chosen service package to your needs with the addition of any of the following:

  • An elevator pitch
  • Investor presentation PowerPoint slide deck
  • Brochure style offer for subscription
  • Multiple changes/amends for up to 6 months
  • Excel workbook, useful for quick look what if’s etc
  • Post amends numbers flush
  • Pre business plan strategy development workshop (1 day with your key managers)
  • 12-month telephone business support 
  • 12-month quarterly variance reporting 
  • Monthly management meeting attendance (minimum order of 6 meetings)
  • Attend bank/investor meeting
  • Proposal to supply service post business plan creation
  • Proposal to supply service pre or no business plan
  • Extra meetings as required, at £500 per meeting

Like the sound of any of these additional services? These services can be purchased initially or separately post-plan if required. Get in contact with one of our consultants online or by calling 01604 420 420,  to discuss your exacting requirements.

About cbm

Established in 2006, cbm is led by Charles Brooks who has over 30 years of experience in writing coherent and effective business plans to secure finance for our clients. Our business plan writers are a highly experienced team of MBA graduates who have put it into practice and know what’s required to run a successful company.

Why choose Cbm?

We guarantee your funding will not be rejected

Your business funding will not be rejected on the basis of omissions or errors in the business plan we create on your behalf.

Unique business plans based on face-to-face meetings

We're the only business plan consultancy in the UK to offer face to face meetings with our experts.

Work with qualified MBA consultants

Our accredited consultants will communicate your strategy and business model in a language required and understood by funders.

No business is too complex

Our experience and expertise means we help all businesses from start-ups to highly complex businesses requiring £m’s of investment.



Dedicated business support line

All business plan clients receive telephone access to our highly experienced and MBA qualified consultants to discuss any aspect of your business plan.



Recognised practice of the Institute of Business Consulting

Alongside the fact that all consultants are MBA qualified, we are a recognised practice of the Institute of Business Consulting - meaning you can rely on the quality of our workmanship.

What our clients say

It was a good experience working with CBM as we received our packages promptly, was done professionally and our vision was adequately expressed as we wanted.

- Adeyemi Akodu, Financial Technology



Book a free consultation with one of our business consultants who will provide an instant review of your business model viability.

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How our business plan writers will work with you

We use a tried and tested way of working: Our Client Journey. Our Client Journey involves taking you through a number of steps that will enable our business plan writers to create and deliver you a business plan that will secure funding.

Business Plan Writing Services

Simple Business Planning Service

All our plans come with the guarantee that funding will not be refused as a consequence of errors or omissions in the plan.

Funding required: Up to £25k

Business Model: Simple

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Complex Business Planning Service

All our plans come with the guarantee that funding will not be refused as a consequence of errors or omissions in the plan.

Funding required: £50k +

Business Model: Complex

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